Character infobox |image = Miley Cyrus.jpg |theme = Character |name = Yzzy |alsoknown = Yz (by everyone) |home = Isle of the Lost (formerly)
Auradon (currently) |age = 18 |gender = Female |eyes = Blue |hair = Brown with platinum blonde highlights |skin color = Light |family = Yzma (mother)
Zevon (younger brother)
Yzla (younger sister) |pets = Moonrose (cat) |actor = Miley Cyrus |loveinterest = Skylar (Ex-crush)|allies = Skylar (Best friend)
Scarlet (Best friend)

Yzzy is the first daughter of Yzma, antagonist of Emperor's New Groove and older sister of Zevon and Yzla.


Yzzy is funny, eccentric and smart, being a expert in making potions with magic. She is sometimes arrogant when it comes to her potions, but Yzzy has a secret generous attitude that she shows when it comes to one of her friends or siblings.

Physical Appearance

Yzzy is a light-skinned girl with blue eyes and brown hair with platinum blonde highlights. She usually wears shorts, tops, jackets, boots and hats. She has tattoos.