Wanorde Killmonger is the son of Erik Killmonger, and wields Corvus' glaive.

Powers and Abilities

  • Intelligence - Wanorde is as smart as his father, knowing when to strike and when to wait.
  • All forms of hand-to-hand combat - Wanorde has trained his whole life in every form of combat. He even knows how to hit pressure points dead-on.
  • Usage of every known weapon - Wanorde is an expert in all weapons, ranging from guns, blades, and explosives. He excels at double bladed weapons, but takes a particular interest in glaives.
  • Enhanced Hearing - Since he excels in Combat Class, Wanorde has developed his other senses well enough. He can hear from a mile away, allowing him to locate something through echolocation.
  • Enhanced Sight - Wanorde has also trained to enhance his own vision to match that of an eagle's.