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Descendants 6 is an upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie and will premiere in the future. It has been written by Jordan Conner [[1]]. The film will be directed by Kenny Ortega [[2]], who will also serve as executive producer and choreographer.



The Descendants

  • Jordan Conner [[3]] as Malcolm, son of Chernabog
  • Chris Villain [[4]] as Hayden, son of the Horned King
  • Peyton List [[5]] as Gina Gothel, daughter of Mother Gothel
  • Georgie Henley [[6]] as Harley Hearts, daughter of the Queen of Hearts
  • Nicholas Hamilton [[7]] as Aaron, son of King Arthur
  • Garrett Clayton [[8]] as Bradyn Wolf, son of the Big Bad Wolf
  • Morgan Lily [[9]] as Mila, daughter of Madam Mim
  • Colin Ford [[10]] as Elliott, son of Elsa
  • Zendaya [[11]] as Yanny, daughter of Yzma
  • Dove Cameron [[12]] as Mal
  • Ross Lynch [[13]] as Anthony Tremaine
  • Noah Centineo [[14]] as Julian, son of Aladdin
  • Sabrina Carpenter [[15]] as Ruby, daughter of Rapunzel
  • Mackenzie Foy [[16]] as Andrea, daughter of Alice
  • Lauryn McClain [[17]] as Maria, daughter of Merlin
  • Mason Dye [[18]] as Terrance son of Taran


  • Chord Overstreet [[19]] as King Arthur
  • Julianne Moore [[20]] as Queen Guinevere
  • Idris Elba [[21]] as Merlin


  • Chris Hemsworth [[22]] as Chernabog
  • Kristin Chenoweth [[23]] as Maleficent
  • Jake Gyllenhaal [[24]] as Big Bad Wolf
  • Angelina Jolie [[25]] as Anastasia Tremaine


Descendants 6's soundtrack will be released same time as the premiere of the movie.[[26]]