General Transcript

Descendants 4 is an upcoming Disney Channel Original Movie and will premiere July 16, 2021. It has been written by Jordan Conner [[1]]. The film will be directed by Kenny Ortega [[2]], who will also serve as executive producer and choreographer.


As the soon to be King of Camelot, Aaron (son of King Arthur and Queen Guinevere) decides as his first proclamation is to invite kids from the Isle of the Lost over into Camelot Heights to attend school. As the new VKs arrive, Malcolm (son of Hades) and his friends: Hayden (son of the Horned King), Gina Gothel (daughter of Mother Gothel) and Harley Hearts (daughter of the Queen of Hearts) concoct a plan to take over Camelot Heights by hypnotizing all of the citizens and have them do their bidding.


The Descendants

  • Jordan Conner [[3]] as Malcolm, son of Chernabog
  • Gage Munroe [[4]] as Hayden, son of the Horned King
  • Peyton List [[5]] as Gina Gothel, daughter of Mother Gothel
  • Georgie Henley [[6]] as Harley Hearts, daughter of the Queen of Hearts
  • Nicholas Hamilton [[7]] as Aaron, son of King Arthur
  • Noah Centineo [[8]] as Julian, son of Aladdin
  • Sabrina Carpenter [[9]] as Ruby, daughter of Rapunzel
  • Mackenzie Foy [[10]] as Andrea, daughter of Alice
  • Lauryn McClain [[11]] as Maria, daughter of Merlin
  • Mason Dye [[12]]as Terrance son of Taran


  • Chord Overstreet [[13]] as King Arthur
  • Julianne Moore [[14]] as Queen Guinevere
  • Idris Elba [[15]] as Merlin


  • Jake Gyllenhaal [[16]] as Chernabog
  • Michael Fassbender [[17]] as the Horned King
  • Kristin Davis [[18]] as Mother Gothel
  • Gemma Arterton [[19]] as Queen of Hearts


Descendants 4's soundtrack will be released same time as the premiere of the movie.[[20]]