Candit is the son of the Cheshire cat, main villain of Alice in Wonderland.


He's sneaky, a troublemaker, alethic, and pretty flirty around girls.


He wears a black mask, black and white striped hoddie, black gloves, blue jeans with a brown belt and purple shoes. He have a small bit of facial hair under his nose.

Power and magic

He can turn invisible like his father.


  • He's the only kid character to have facial hair.
  • His name is a play-on the words "Cat" and "Bandit", which makes sense since he's a thief and born to a cat.
  • He does have a crush on Scarlet, since they're both from the cat family.
  • He used to be rival with Uma, Harry and Gil.
  • Like Carlos, he did have a fear of dogs before.