Aquamarine Helen Hook was the Eldest Daughter of Skylar and Justin Hook. She is the Granddaughter of Dr. Facilier, Ursula, and Captain Hook. Niece of Harry Hook, Harriet Hook and CJ Hook, Uma, The Sea Warlocks, and The Sea Witches.

Powers and Abilities

Since Aquamarine is the Daughter of Skylar, the Granddaughter of Ursula and Dr. Facilier. The Great-Granddaughter of Mama Odie.


Will the Grandson of Elsa, Adventures, Her other father Skylar's Singing


Her Father Justin Hook being Overprotective of Her and Her Siblings


A Snowflake Necklace (From Will Grandson of Elsa)


  • Aquamarine is a Sea Witch like her Maternal Aunts and Her other Maternal aunt Uma and Her Maternal Grandmother Ursula.
  • She is Also a Pirate like Her Parents Skylar and Justin Hook, and Her Paternal Uncle Harry Hook, and Her Paternal Aunts Harriet Hook and CJ Hook, and Her Maternal Aunt Uma, and Her Paternal Grandfather Captain Hook.
  • She inherited Skylar's Sass and Sarcastic, loves for Sweets and Candy, and Her favorite Color is Sliver like Her Father Skylar
  • Is Possible She inherited Skylar's Siren Song, When she was a baby.


  • Auradon (Currently)


Aquamarine was Born in December 4, 2019

Nickname and Alias

My Voodoo Princess and Cupcake (Her Grandfather Dr. Facilier), Helen (Her Aunt Harriet Hook and CJ Hook)

Aquamarine and Her Pets

Roles in Descendants and Other Movies



  • If Only (Her Version)